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Blue Reef

I’ve written a lot of content for aquariums around the country, now I think about it. Should I be marketing myself as a marine copywriter? I dredged Blue Reef’s online content to strengthen their SEO, and have since written enough blogs about sea creatures to choke a blue whale.


This one made me thirsty for fancy coffee, and as a tea man, that is saying something. I also wrote the copy for their other site, MorBeans.

Chicane Connect

I’ve written the web copy, a guide for sales staff, several brochures and a lot of blogs for these guys. I like what they do, and I like how they do it. I love a good SME client, actually.

Jann Richardson

Jann is great at what she does, and I gave her the chance to show off her skills and services via this well designed website, and through her onsite blog.

Carole Nash

Carole Nash are one of the largest providers of motorcycle insurance in the British Isles, with more than 300,000 policyholders. I produce content for their website and ‘Inside Bikes’ quarterly magazine.