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Oakwood Theme Park

As if getting to write blogs wasn’t thrilling enough, creating the content and social for this theme park was even more of a ride.

Blue Reef

I’ve written a lot of content for aquariums around the country, now I think about it. Should I be marketing myself as a marine copywriter? I dredged Blue Reef’s online content to strengthen their SEO, and have since written enough blogs about sea creatures to choke a blue whale.

Chicane Connect

I’ve written the web copy, a guide for sales staff, several brochures and a lot of blogs for these guys. I like what they do, and I like how they do it. I love a good SME client, actually.

Jann Richardson

Jann is great at what she does, and I gave her the chance to show off her skills and services via this well designed website, and through her onsite blog.