Could a saltwater fish survive in a tank of my sweat?

Could a saltwater fish survive in a tank of my sweat?

I was going to write a blog about ghost blogging, which I do a lot of, then I realised blogs about blogging are everywhere and and on this fine Saturday morning I didn’t have anything new to add to the conversation. Instead, I thought I’d seek the answer to this question.

Well, could it? And more importantly, would it want to?

Short answer: not really

Long answer, courtesy of my friend Stav the Scientist:

Kind of, maybe.

Seawater has a salt content of 3.5% compared to 0.2 – 1% in sweat. This wouldn’t kill the fish outright. However, the urea and low oxygen content present in your sweat would kill the fish.

You could get around the oxygen problem by aerating the tank with some kind of bubbler device.

Urea may be more of an issue. Urea is an important metabolite in many different species, therefore your swimming pool will be prone to microbial colonisation by algae blooms and such, causing eutrophication. If you can find a better way of controlling the algae, other than chlorination – which would kill the fish outright – you might actually have a shot at keeping your fish healthy.

And on that note, I’m off to buy a fish tank, aeration device, and exercise bike.

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