Content Marketing: The What and the Why

Content Marketing: The What and the Why

I can convert your website visitors into paying customers. My copy has already worked its magic for a wide range of clients. And through a proactive content marketing strategy, it could for you, too.

Bold claims, so let me talk you through it.

What exactly is content marketing?

Engaging potential customers by delivering helpful, entertaining and informative content rather than explicitly advertising your product or service.

Why content marketing matters right now

In this day and age, potential customers learn about products and services almost exclusively through online sources. People browsing the internet have become jaded by obtrusive online pop-ups, loud videos that launch uninvited when a cursor brushes over a banner, or garish floating ads that hog the screen. Today, most customers will seek out reviews, articles and recommendations from websites and social networks to inform their purchases.

how content marketing will help your Google search ranking

In previous years, Google suggested increasing the number of reputable sites that linked to your website (known as link-building) to improve your position in search rankings. Since mid-2013, Google has tweaked this advice and now suggests that search ranking can be improved by creating high-quality and shareable content.

There you go. Straight out of the pony’s mouth. If you want to get found on Google, you need the content that people pass around.

…Which is where I come in

I specialise in crafting content that people want to share – whether over Facebook, Twitter or to a group of mates down the pub. Shareable content that travels through the online marketplace, transported on a wave of social media that gives it a life well beyond your website. Emphasis is now back on the interest, entertainment and information value of online content, and away from keyword bloated filler. Content that will push your sales message, promote confidence in your marketplace knowledge and imprint your brand on a website guest’s mind without them feeling they are being given the hard sell.

Filling your blog with guides and relevant interest news stories is a strong starting element, but Even Better Than That! As the Fast Show character might say. I can create:

  • Case studies

  • White papers

  • User guides

  • Landing  pages

  • Articles

  • Emails

  • Social media content, such as tweets and Facebook pages/status updates

Contact me so we can discuss your website and decide what content fits your needs.

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